I was blessed to have a Mother that was an accomplished artist. I grew up smelling oil paint and turpentine as well as posing for her often. I have a MFA from The University of Texas at San Antonio and have taught painting for over thirty years at the college level. Helping budding artists tap into their creativity has been very enriching. My husband and I raised three children, and I have been fortunate to be able to continue to paint as they have grown up.

I live in S. Texas and I work in my studio, named "Girasol," which is the Spanish word for sunflower. The sunflower literally follows the sun throughout the day, facing east in the mornings and west as the day closes. That is why I named my studio after the sunflower, which to me means "Turn to God."

I respond to the landscape, from water and skies to the variation of plant life around me. I feel strong emotional reactions to color relationships in nature and enjoy expressing its luminosity and range. I am a "people person" and painting portraits and figures fascinate me. I am also influenced by patterns in nature as well as in those found in textiles.

My work is included in many private and public collections in Texas including The Art Museum of S. Texas in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Hopefully my work resonates with my viewers who might look at the mystery of their own surroundings a little closer after being exposed to my work.